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TRNP 30ml fragrances
Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume collaborates with nature…
in garden rhymes and fables from under the bough, the leaf, the stem and the bloom.
TRNP is an artisanal, niche naturals boutique specialising in lush floral chypres, ambers and oud mukhallats that feature dark, earthy aromas of rare and precious woods and resins.
Each and every composition is traditionally structured with original, layered accords, rendering long-lasting fragrances with radiant sillage.
Hidden TReasures - TRNP
Hand-crafted for connoissuers of premium oudh mukhallats. The Limited Edition Black Label Attars are available in undiluted 3ml blends, and also 6ml pure oil parfums which is a 35% concentration of the fragrances in fractionated coconut oil.
Scent Pencils TRNP
Our ever-popular 10ml Scent Pencils have returned, and are available from now, all the way up until Christmas.
Fantastic choice options for those wanting to try a few of our fragrances, and perfect for filling the perfumista’s Christmas stocking.
As well, if you buy 3 pencils, you’ll receive a 4th for free.
*Embers and Oudh Mukhallats are excluded from this group, however they are now available singly in 10ml options.
FloralAsia flatlay - TRNP
Hidden Treasures sampler - TRNP
Our fine fragrances are totally ungendered, and free to just be beautiful…
Kodama - TRNP
Original hand-crafted compositions that are uniquely mesmeric and truly captivating to the very last drop.
Four Winds - TRNP
Kodama & White Lotus - TRNP
TRNP’s mukhallats (intensely rich, Arab-styled perfumes) feature pure, steam-distilled Hindi & Vietnamese Agarwood oils. Our luxurious Eastern-styled amber perfumes feature high percentages of premium Mysore Sandalwood, and are a TRNP house specialty.
Perfume Pageant - TRNP