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Kodama - TRNP

Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume is artisanally crafted from pure essential oils, absolutes, resins, tinctures and balsams derived from the leaves, stems, flowers, fruit, seeds, roots, bark and resins of real plants.

Perfume ingredients harvested from living plants offer such rich and infinitely complex scent variables of terroir. These complexities encompass locational variety, climate, season, harvest conditions, distillation, freshness and integrity. Each fragrance is a scent map of wonder.

We offer a comprehensive catalogue of fine fragrances that deeply resonate with unique individuals.



A specialty range of alcohol-free perfumes, including pure and undiluted Oudh blends (cultivated Vietnamese and wild-crafted Hindi oudh), Oil Parfums (35% pure and natural fragrances diluted in odourless fractionated coconut oil) and organic beeswax unguents (solid perfumes).


A seasonally curated collection of fine fragrances, allowing you to choose perfumes that suit your taste and match the seasons in your location in the world. The full range of our fragrances is unisex, hand-crafted with traditional accords to render long-lasting natural perfume.


Our Small Batch Boutique features high quality, hand-crafted fragrances for the body as well as for personal space.

Here’s where you’ll find our gift-boxed Discovery sets, the Honey Amber Skin-care range, pure Australian Native plant aromatherapy mists and pulse point remedies, hand-dipped Honey Amber incense, Zen style incense cones, ceramic incense holders, hand-made organic beeswax scented candles and vegan aromatherapy soap.