Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume collaborates with nature…

in garden rhymes and fables from under the bough, the leaf, the stem and the bloom.

TRNP is an artisanal fragrance boutique that specialises in hand-crafting intensely lush florientals that feature the dark, earthy aromas of rare and precious woods and resins.

Unisex Ambers And Chypres


Reformulated favourites from TRNP’s original catalogue of fragrances.


Modern fragrances inspired by fashion designs of the roaring twenties.


Limited edition floriental ambers blended with precious agarwood.

SPRING FLORALS to celebrate life


TRNP’s fine fragrances are long-lasting, moody, complex, robust and utterly beautiful.

Each perfume releases a unique scent-story, unfolding in step with the exhaled breaths and pulses of your body. Together you create a quintessence of your own love story.

And natural perfume smells true… of sweet herbs and wildflowers gathered on sunlit strolls through fields and orchards, and carried home, gently bundled in the rolled up front of a linen shirt.

They sing of the tart snap of green stems, the silk of new leaves and buds, the fragrant rush of flowers, the tears of torn blades of grass and accidentally picked thistles and always … the honey of sunlight.

Such stories shine bright and bold as morning, drifting with you into the reverie of dusk, lingering, languid in the darkness as you float into the arms of deep night.


Pure, undiluted parfum absolutes available by special request. Currently offering pure Zeeba (Taif Rose, Mysore Sandalwood and Vietnamese Oud), as well as Dance of The Fae (pure Mysore Sandalwood, Jasmine Sambac and Jasmine Grandiflorum) both available in 5ml amber glass dropper vials. Email us to order.