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Eau de Parfums

We have curated our catalogue of artisanal fragrances seasonally, to assist you in making selections from our comprehensive catalogue of natural perfumes. Our seasonal categories are only our suggestions, and of course, you may choose whatever you like to wear, whenever you want to wear it.

The full range of our fragrances is unisex, hand-crafted with traditional accords to render long-lasting natural perfume.

Oudh Blends and Pure Oil Parfums

Please visit the Small Batch Boutique for our specialty range of  hand-crafted alcohol-free perfumes including Oudh blend attars, Pure Oil Parfums and organic beeswax unguents.

Small-Batch Boutique

The boutique features high quality hand-crafts including Discovery sets, the Honey Amber Skin-care range, pure Australian Native plant aromatherapy mists and pulse point remedies, hand-dipped Honey Amber incense, handthrown stoneware ceramics and our vegan aromatherapy soap.