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Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume collaborates with nature…

in garden rhymes and fables from under the bough, the leaf, the stem and the bloom.

TRNP is an artisanal, natural fragrance boutique specialising in lush florientals that feature dark, earthy aromas of rare and precious woods and resins.

Each and every composition is traditionally structured with original, layered accords, rendering long-lasting fragrances with radiant sillage.


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Hand-blended from beautiful raw materials, our perfumes are attenuated and assessed by how they make you feel. The synergy of plant-based essences is evident in the harmonious way the perfumes unfold.


TRNP fragrances draw on traditional cultural and historic themes that evoke:- Romance, Passion, Intimacy, Excitement, Confidence, Introspection, Adventure.



As a small-batch producer, we offer our clientele an exclusive range of luxury fragrances that feature precious and costly natural ingredients that cannot be upscaled into a mass-production model.