Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume collaborates with nature…

in garden rhymes and fables from under the bough, the leaf, the stem and the bloom.

TRNP is an artisanal fragrance boutique specialising in lush florientals that feature dark, earthy aromas of rare and precious woods and resins. Each and every composition is traditionally structured with original, layered accords, rendering long-lasting fragrances with radiant sillage.

Unisex Ambers And Chypres


Reformulated favourites from TRNP’s original catalogue of fragrances.


Modern fragrances inspired by fashion designs of the roaring twenties.


Limited edition floriental ambers blended with precious agarwood.


Hand-Crafted for connoisseurs of fine fragrance

Limited Edition Mokaya 2019 is now blended and resting for an early December release.


Limited Edition florientals and chypres blended with generous amounts of Vietnamese and Indian oud (Assamese Hindi) for discerning perfumisters. Our Zen style incense also contains pure Mysore sandalwood and aged Vietnamese agarwood.

TRNP incense tasting plate

Pagan 2019 is a reformulation of its previous incarnation. I’ve boosted the chypre for that elusive E-type Jaguar growl I was chasing, and added a biting green edge.  This formula, 2019 Pagan, is a nod to my favourite vintage Diors – Diorella, Eau Sauvages, Miss Dior, and original Zen by Shiseido. They were my loves during the 70s. I adored the martini-dry chic elements of those earlier Diors. Creatively, I sought to reference that modern, hip chapter of 20th century fragrances, humbly made afresh, with naturals. This formula contains natural oakmoss.

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