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Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume collaborates with nature…

in garden rhymes and fables from under the bough, the leaf, the stem and the bloom.

TRNP is an artisanal, natural fragrance boutique specialising in lush florientals that feature dark, earthy aromas of rare and precious woods and resins.

Each and every composition is traditionally structured with original, layered accords, rendering long-lasting fragrances with radiant sillage.

Due to an increase in orders, we are currently reconfiguring the studio to facilitate easier packing and processing. Therefore, although we are still accepting orders, we are taking a short pause in shipping until May 30, 2020.


We understand the importance of being able to test-drive our fine fragrances before selecting a full bottle. So we offer several sampler pack options of 3ml spray atomisers across the range of our fine fragrances.

Our Discovery Set contains your selection of any 5 from our Garden of Pleasures, Niche Naturals and Vintage Collection. Our oud fragrances have their own Discovery Set – Four Mukhallats, as well as our 2020 collections; Contes de Fées (fairytales) and FloralAsia

TRNP Garden of Pleasures sampler



We offer a matching 10ml Scent Pencil spray atomiser as a free gift with any purchase of our luxurious range of vintage French crystal and Italian glass flacons (50ml and 100ml). This special offer provides a great discount, and a handy travel size companion for you to use frequently and to refill from your beautiful vintage crystal flacon. We also offer Scent Pencils in portable collections such as the Vintage Style range.

More sets coming soon.

TRNP Scent Pencils Discovery set


Hand-blended from beautiful raw materials, our perfumes are attenuated and assessed by how they make you feel. The synergy of plant-based essences is evident in the harmonious way the perfumes unfold.


TRNP original fragrances draw on traditional cultural and historic themes that evoke:- Romance, Passion, Intimacy, Excitement, Confidence, Introspection, Adventure. Let your beautiful imagination run wild.


As a small-batch producer, we offer luxury fragrances that feature precious natural ingredients that cannot be upscaled into mass-production. Our fragrances are crafted in batches from 3-10 litres. We also maintain an archival collection.


Our stunning vintage French crystal flacons, (made by Verrerie Cristallerie d’Arques) as well as our vintage Italian glass flacons (made by Braun) may be shipped internationally, however they come labeled, boxed and empty, and accompanied by the perfume packed in 2 or 4 x 25ml amber glass bottles, and a funnel. Its sent this way to comply with air safety regulations. Called the Perfumery Kit, we can send up to 500ml in one parcel, but each perfume must be constrained by 30ml per any single bottle. Please contact us to enquire about our glass urns and other TRNP flacons.