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ARTISAN BOUTIQUE features our hand-crafted range of specialty fragrance products that demonstrate just how beautifully premium aromatic ingredients perform in personal and professional space. Pure emollience on the body, and peaceful in the atmosphere, these radiant, artisanal goods exclusively contain superb natural ingredients.



The ritual use of incense for meditation, prayer, contemplation and just simply creating gentle, calm ambience is an ancient tradition that reaches deeply into our consciousness. The soothing comfort of incense made from pure Mysore sandalwood, frankincense, aged Vietnamense agarwood, myrrh and benzoin provide a rest and reset button.


Our hand-made natural incense is crafted from the very finest, pure ingredients. There are no chemical additives or combustibles. We exclusively use hand-ground resins, pulverised wood, finely ground leaves and sun-dried flowers, and we add our own blends of pure essential oils to produce a deeply calming and purifying incense.