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TRNP is an Australian, artisanal perfumery that specialises in producing small-batch, natural fine fragrances.

Each of our premium natural perfumes is created in 10-20 litres. Our limited edition Oud Mukhallats are blended in batches of 3-5 litres due to the very high cost of real oud and other supremely fine absolutes.

Although subsequent batches are blended afresh, natural fragrances are created exclusively from plant-based ingredients which vary from batch to batch depending on seasonal conditions and harvest yields. This feature is creatively utilised to highlight exceptional ingredients as they reveal themselves. We consider our fragrances scented mandalas; meditations on the wonder of being here, fully alive in this moment.

TRNP’s fine fragrances are long-lasting, moody, complex, robust and utterly beautiful. Each perfume releases a unique scent-story, unfolding in step with the exhaled breaths and pulses of your body. Together you create a quintessence of your own love story.

And natural perfume smells true… of sweet herbs and wildflowers gathered on sunlit strolls through fields and orchards, and carried home, gently bundled in the rolled up front of a linen shirt.

They sing of the tart snap of green stems, the silk of new leaves and buds, the fragrant rush of flowers, the tears of torn blades of grass and accidentally picked thistles and always … the golden honey of sunlight.

Such stories shine bright and bold as morning, drifting with you into the reverie of dusk, lingering, languid in the darkness as you float into the arms of deep night.

At TRNP we don’t use any synthetic aromachemicals, compounds, boosters, stabilisers, preservatives or pthalates. This is purely a creative choice, and largely driven by the fact that we just love pure plant essences. For us, it’s about the myriad molecular complexities of plant essences that cannot be synthesised. This feature alone captures our attention and our imagination.

1. No animal testing. All testing is done on humans.

2. No animalics in our fragrances ever.

3. Aside from organic beeswax used in our unguents all of our perfume is 100% vegan and gluten-free.

4. Although our fine fragrances are entirely composed from natural ingredients, they do not smell like aromatherapies, they are works of art.


Our fragrances are comprised of 2 parts:- a concentrated natural fragrance blend composed by Teone, to which is added the perfume diluent (or carrier medium). The concentrated fragrance blends are composed from botanical ingredients that have been distilled, extracted or hand-tinctured. The concentrates are diluted in media such as fractionated coconut oil, alcohol, filtered water, and our solid perfume/unguent base of organic beeswax and coconut oil. After simple unbleached paper filtering, (fining) these blends become finished fragrance. Over time, many of the fragrances will reveal some tiny particles of resins and absolutes that settle at the bottom of the bottle. This is a hallmark of natural perfume. Shake and spray.

Concentrates are exclusively composed from therapeutic-grade essential oils, alcohol solvent-extracted absolutes and resins, as well as hand-tinctured plant parts (such as flowers and seeds/beans etc). We do not add isolates, compounds, synthetics or ‘nature-identicals’.

The diluent for our alcohol-based perfumes is 95PG (denatured ethanol from sugar-cane), and fractionated coconut oil for our pure oil parfums. 95PG is Perfumery Grade ethanol, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beauty industries for all products across the wide spectrum of perfumes, after shave, deodorant, hair care, lotions etc.

Our raw materials are sourced from a number of essential oils suppliers, most of whom are located here in Australia, although our Government-certified Mysore sandalwood comes from a traditional attar maker in India. We love Grandawood, Naked Press, Tanah, Escentials of Australia, New Directions and Leonardi Laboratories.

Many of our tinctures are derived from raw materials that are either grown in our garden or sourced from generous friends with super-green thumbs.

Being a small-batch producer is a feature that allows us to hand-tincture as many raw materials as possible. The process really invigorates our floral fragrances with a beautiful airiness, and infuses our oriental ambers with naturally earthy vanilla, tonka and cacao scents that are deeply satisfying.

We believe that our noses detect beautiful truth in these elements; they give us complexity in the aromatic ‘flavours’ that are so often absent in many synthetic fragrances.

Hidden Treasures sampler - TRNP
There is a certain kind of magic that happens when blending natural, botanical ingredients; a most incredible phenomena for which I’ve yet to learn the right name. The magical moment happens when the selected ingredients reach a kind of perfect resonance with each other. The blend transforms from a pleasing mixture of the sum of its parts into a whole new state of synergy. A brand new ‘scentity’ emerges. Perhaps that’s the name. The perfume no longer smells like a series of choices put together, it is one. The radiant shimmer of this new scentity is incredible. It is such a delicate process, that it can suddenly appear and, in the excitement to ‘push’ the boundaries, be lost in an instant. No amount of rectification can recreate what was – the synergy. It is a moment of glory. The challenge is to be confident enough to make a large batch, and to keep blending as often as possible to learn where, when and how this phenomena has occurred. For me, it is the perfumer’s grail and the reason I wake up inspired and fall asleep still questioning. It keeps me fascinated and obsessed with the marvel of natural perfume creation. – TR


Although our fine fragrances are plump and juicy with precious natural ingredients, we use simple packaging and frequently choose recycled cardboard for our packaging.

As an artisan boutique, we hand-make and package each and every perfume. We avoid the use of plastic. We know its time to stop creating unnecessary and non-biodegradable rubbish in our world. We invest in sourcing the very best quality raw ingredients, to ensure that its always the perfume itself that shines brightest.

We aim to strike a perfect balance between producing adequate stock to supply our valued customers, whilst maintaining a respectful principle of elegant sufficiency.

TRNP Tantra 50ml
Mekong TRNP


Manufactured over 50 years ago, our signature flacons are vintage French crystal (Vererrie Cristal D’Arques) and vintage Italian glass (Braun).

In addition, we offer 30ml crimped spray atomisers and convenient, sturdy, reusable 10ml Scent Pencils.

Kodama & White Lotus _


We offer affordable, reusable 10ml spray atomiser Scent Pencils as our traveler size. These provide at least 10 generous applications that reveal our scents in all sorts of conditions – indoors, outdoors, day, night, in warm and/or cool weather. We made this choice out of deep respect for all of the ingredients, with concern for the environmental impact of packaging and handling components as well as the fuel and energy resources used in shipping fragrances across the globe. Our choice allows us to conduct our business more ethically and produce our art sustainably. In addition, we offer 30ml spray atomisers (crimped), 50ml and 100ml vintage French crystal flacons (reusable/dab-on). Oil parfums are packaged in 30ml frosted black glass dripolators.

Dr Teone Reinthal (GCert.VA/QCA, MAHons.MP/GFS, PhD. Griff) is an aromatherapist and interdisciplinary artist who moves between genres; including visual art, performance, ceramics, writing and perfumery.

Teone is also an academic whose research focuses on community development through creative expression and performing arts.

As the designer at TRNP, Teone has created a unisex collection of fine fragrances that totally accord with all sorts of individuals, from artists and healers, sensitive introverts, to confident and flamboyant individuals.

Site images, stoneware ceramics, written content, webdesign and all TRNP products by Teone ©2019.

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