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Five TRNP home remedies made from Native Australian essential oils. These aromatherapies are simply the home remedies I’ve used for many years when my family and I lived in remote locations and needed a front line of defense against life’s bumps and scrapes. I make no therapeutic claims about the clinical efficacy of these aromatherapies, however, everyone I love and care about has been handed some or all of these mists and pulse-point rolls.
  • Roll-ons are blended in extra virgin Hemp seed oil and Moringa seed oil.
  • Mists are suspended in pure filtered water. Shake well before spraying.


Fresh Air:-Peppermint Gum, Lemon Myrtle, Nerolina, Niaouli & Kangaroo Island Eucalyptus in pure filtered water.

Comfort:-Kunzea, Fragonia & Rosalina in pure filtered water.

Safe Space:-Tea Tree (Australian 45% terpinen-4-ol), Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Ironbark and Eucalyptus Radiata in pure filtered water).

Nerves of Steel:-Australian Sandalwood, Honey Myrtle, Fragonia and Rosalina in pure filtered water.

Smooth as Silk:- Kunzea, Nerolina, Blue Cypress, Far North Queensland Sandalwood & Rosalina in pure filtered water.

All mists can be topped up at least 4 times with pure filtered water. Be careful not to overfill or the precious oils will spill.


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10ml Comfort roll-on, 10ml Fresh Air roll-on, 10ml Safe Space roll-on, 10ml Nerves of Steel roll-on, 10ml Smooth as Silk roll-on, 100ml Comfort mist, 100ml Fresh Air mist, 100ml Safe Space mist, 100ml Nerves of Steel mist, 100ml Smooth as Silk mist


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