Bitter Sweet

Dance of Shadows and Light


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BITTER SWEET Notes include:- bitter orange, cardamon, hand-tinctured cacao, cacao absolute, Venezuelan tonka, hand-tinctured vanilla planifolia, my amber accord, Mysore sandalwood and coffee absolute.

This fragrance harbours mouth-watering layers of seductive complexity. Bitter Sweet laments of bitter losses and life lessons, and it also whispers of love, and the sweetness of new beginnings.

*Please note that the formula for Bitter Sweet contains a small chunk of Moroccan solid amber that I dissolved and included as an experimental variation on my usual amber accord. I purchased it in good faith as natural amber accord made from beeswax, styrax, labdanum and vanilla, but recently learned that it also contains a small amount of ambroxan which is a synthetic fragrance compound. I wanted to disclose this for transparency. 


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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage Italian glass urn


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