Pageantry of Love and Sorcery

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You’re transported back in time, to the fabled world of Celtic Britons; long before plastic, before diesel, pre-pesticides, long before industry, back to the heartlands and the hand-crafting of all things. Back to the forge, from fishing boats to fire-side. Home to home-grown, to handspun, and hand-woven, tempered on survival of the fittest, a truth born in wisdom of the ages. Three sonnets to life force, to dreams nurtured entirely by nature, nestled in the tribe, measured and weathered by the seasons. Three essences carried by the icy, north winds of the great, grey seas of the Elvish west.

The Celtic Sea trilogy is an ancient tale of fate and fortune… a pageant of love and sorcery. Of destiny, desire and tragedy.


TRISTAN – The Hero, the Prince, The Fool, the Risk-Taker, the Lover – Leathery floral chypre featuring night-blooming jasmine, linden blossom, tuberose, chypre accord, vetiver and Vietnamese oudh

YSEULT – The startling beauty of an Irish Princess captured in a cool, silvery floral featuring Hyacinth, Genet, Lavender and Jasmine on a chypre base. Signature Scent of the Fae Queen’s daughter.

LYONESSE – Legendary Land of Mists and Magic – a sophisticated unisex elixir featuring cypress, juniper, galbanum, ambrette seed, vanilla, cedarwood, and Cambodian oudh.


We are currently offering this fragrance trilogy in our 30ml spray atomisers. Also available from some of our stockists in limited edition 50ml atomisers.

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Lyonesse 30ml, Tristan 30ml, Yseult 30ml


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