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Master of Wild Places

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Here, inside the wire, I knew the father of all legends, and he taught me, the forest-man, roaming in valleys through the floor of all space, and I was singing until my heart was fully given, just to be with him, in time, I too roared for joy, as he overflowed his river’s banks, rich in rain’s bounty, and the watching stars and a loving sky were up so high forever, I learned all land was alive and the blessing of such sacred life is in us all

Wanderers, lost, maddened by desire, came to claim all land for their own tribe, hungry for the green man’s might, stealing the gifts of his truth, he fought for their souls, yet lost, to watch them build their smoking deaths, their killing roads, under the light of a cold false moon, and he knew an end to joy, and lay deafened by shadows that tilled so far and raw.

Walk with me, I know a journey road, here, upon the resting bones of my hero’s life, I’ll sing the song of earth, you’ll hear the homelessness of all his people, and we’ll weep the last tears of our father’s blood for the children of this world

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