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The full Vintage Style Collection of Nine x 10ml Scent Pencils


Nine x 10ml Scent Pencils containing the full collection of TRNP Vintage Style fragrances.

Each TRNP fragrance is composed and hand-packaged in our studio, with deep appreciation for the myriad plants and their essences, for the growers, the distillers, the suppliers and our couriers. Out of respect for that global community of radiant beings, we encourage high quality consumer discernment to prevent waste. We are truly happy to consult with customers on any aspect of our fragrances. This supports our patrons’ shopping experiences by encouraging well-informed product selection, giving rise to fragrance choices that have far greater meaning for our patrons, and for us. As artisan purveyors, we deem TRNP fragrances as comparable to haute cuisine, not fast food, they are fine wines, not beer, they are some of life’s little luxuries, to be savoured, cherished and worn to the very last drop. We aspire to reach customers that resonate with the values of our brand, with the quality of our fragrances, and our commitment to be different and to make a difference. Take a leap of faith… try a Scent Pencil.

* Avant Gardenia is included, but not shown in the photo above.