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So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight


$ 57.14$ 133.32

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Over the years, our fragrance catalogue became fairly extensive. As a result, we’ve decided to trim down the range and discontinue a number of items. So we are offering a last chance at owning a number of our vintage perfumes and some of our more recent TRNP fragrances, many of which were dearly-beloved faves, and others that remained dark horses, shimmering in the shadows.

It’s interesting to revisit many of these vintage works and recognise early sketches and outlines of our fragrances in their very first iterations. For example, Sylvana gave rise to Pagan, Pema evolved into Pink Lotus, and many others were seeds of ideas that were developed in time as more confident compositions. Several crates are revealing more hidden caches of stored vintage stock, and we apologise for list changes and late additions. As things evolve, we will keep adding any items that we discover at the back of our storage cabinets, and remove those that yield their final golden drops. (eg I just found another 500ml of Attar of Roses, an untouched litre of Cernunnos and 750ml of Quintessence ).

These last-chance TRNPs have very attractive sale prices, and are packaged in our simple range of 30ml glass spray atomisers until all gone. The higher-priced items in this list simply reflect more costly ingredients such as pure rose, sandalwood and jasmine etc, plus scarcity of remaining stock (for example less than 500ml remains).

We hope you’ll enjoy this opportunity to purchase a back-up bottle of an old favourite, or try an unknown vintage TRNP fragrance before it exits the world.

Ambrosia (aged patchouli, floral amber frenzy), Antarctica (Violet Leaf, Lavender, Jasmine, Vetiver and Vietnamese Oudh), Blossom (Ginger Lily, Jasmine, Frangipani and Rose) Botticelli (very vintage jasmine chypre), Cernunnos (Cypress, Vanilla Musk), Chopin (moody Jasmine Chypre with Orris Root, Vanilla and Woods), Dragonboat 2020 (Frangipani, White Tea and Osmanthus) 5 bottles left, May Rose (icy cold Rose de Mai musk floral) 2 bottles left, Moonlight (bright clean fresh floral cologne/edp-strength), Mogra (Jasmine Sambac with Lavender and Tonka beans), Quintessence – (jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, tonka and East Indian sandalwood), Raven (Rose Damascena, Osmanthus chypre) 9 bottles left, Rainbird (Violet, Rose and Sandalwood), Rococo (Tuberose, Vanilla Amber), Ruby (rose cacao amber), Siddartha (Lemongrass, Sandalwood and Musk) 4 bottles left, Sylvana (bitter green retro chypre) and Violet Firefly (vintage Violet/Jasmine Chypre) 6 bottles left.

*Please note that our early works are hand-labeled and boxed in simple recycled kraft paper boxes.


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Ambrosia, Antarctica, Blossom, Botticelli, Cernunnos, Chopin, Dragonboat, May Rose, Mogra, Moonlight, Quintessence, Rainbird, Raven, Rococo, Ruby, Siddartha, Sylvana, Violet Firefly