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Dragonboat 香港

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The Fragrant Harbour

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The original Dragonboat (2013) was a silken watercolour of steam tendrils drifting around inside an ancient Chinese tea-house, perched on a mountain top as a typhoon rages outside. The interior of the tea-house is a study of deep tranquility; eternally cool, delicately fragrant and serenely composed. It blended osmanthus, honeysuckle and green tea. And it was beautiful.

Dragonboat (2018) was a slight variation on the original, I included frangipani and jasmine grandiflorum to increase the floralcy. It sold out completely.

Dragonboat 2020 (Fragrant Harbour 香港) features osmanthus, honeysuckle, white tea and white lotus.

This new version is my heartfelt tribute to Hong Kong. My family lived there for 30 years and my Chinese step-mother, Po Chun, took me on wondrous journeys (in the pouring rain in so many red taxis) to places I would never have ever found or experienced as a tourist. I hold so many cherished memories of Hong Kong; its uniquely beautiful characteristics infused my life and helped shape my world-view through experiences of great joy, and also of heartbreak and tragedy.

A piece of my heart will always belong to Hong Kong.

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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml Vintage Italian glass