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Eau Naturel

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Comfort Perfume



Some perfumes try so hard they literally sob as they eke from the bottle. Some scents are are so hell-bent on making a sweeping entrance, they believe they were born to shock, stun, stupify and seduce all within a 5k radius. Some perfumes are still wearing 80s shoulder pads and toupes. Some perfumes broadcast all sorts of rough trade semiotics, they even leave a nasty bruise if sprayed too many times on the train. Some perfumes just terrify, torment and trample the sensitivies of all sentient beings at 40 paces.

This guy?

Effortlessly cool, Eau Naturel swans in, wearing a cashmere scarf of Green Mandarin, Cardamon, Cinnamon Leaf, Tolu balsam, Rose otto, Night Blooming Jasmine and aged Sumatran patchouli. Somewhere along the way, Ambrette seed joined in the slipstream.

Follow the path with the heart.

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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal dab-on