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Mysore Sandalwood Supreme

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Embers 2020 30mlAn intense burning passion for Mysore sandalwood was, and still is, my soul motivation for creating Embers. This small-batch, artisan fragrance is only for those who simply yearn for the real deal. The concentrated Embers formula contains 7.5% of pure Mysore sandalwood; it is a lavish, luxury fragrance that may only appear now and then due to the tightly restricted supply of Mysore. I have 4.5 litres available.

The first batch of 3 litres was created in 2013, and sold out completely. My next batch followed in 2016, (6 litres) and there is a very small amount of it (approx 350ml) still available in the archived works in the Artisan Boutique.

This new 2020 blend is as good, if not better, and will continue to improve over the years… if you can possibly stop yourself from slathering it all on your body in one afternoon.

Calabrian Bergamot, Rose Damascena, Mysore Sandalwood on my signature amber base.

Embers 2020 is grouped in the Vintage Style category as its composition and spirit truly hearkens back to the past, when the only sandalwood used in incense, perfume and unguents was real Mysore sandalwood. I’ve brought it back to life for just a few of my beloved patrons, those who just happen to have a similar penchant for the sacred temple stuff.

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