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Fairies and Goblins

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Cernunnos, Magus and Raven




Fairies and Goblins are three x 3ml samples of the brand new collection Contes de Fées. These fairytales are not light-weight, happy-go-lucky little stories about the fairies at the bottom of gardens, they are tiny windows looking on the mysteries of life, in tragedy and triumphs.

Contes de Fées contain both heartache and healing, love and loss, they sing of invisible hands that guide us forward in the darkness, the shimmering lights that appear at the very ends of so many tunnels of grief and despair. They are stories of transformation; as were Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel, Beauty and the Beast. Stories of entrapment and escape, of liberation from struggle into strength, and always, they are stories of nature.

Cernunnos, Magus and Raven

Each fragrance in this very Limited edition collection has been made in 3 litre batches due to the incredible scarcity of medium (perfume grade ethanol, which is used in hand-sanitisers, and has been bought out everywhere). If you love any from your sampler, I encourage you to consider buying a larger bottle as these are already selling quickly.

Stay safe and be well.