Fatima’s Steambath

Bohemian Bliss Bomb

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Featured NOTES include:-  Arabian jasmine, Egyptian and Italian neroli. These nerolis are the best I’ve ever smelled. The fragrance unfolds then to reveal a spicy tobacco underscored with sweet myrrh.

Many many years ago, at the very end of the 1980s, I shared a house with a remarkable woman named Jill. She was an actor, a mother, a gourmet, a rebel, a psychiatric nurse, and a staunch feminist who adored sexy men more than anyone I’ve ever known. She taught me many things about life and pushed me to be the strongest woman I could be. She even made me go to the gymnasium. We named our house ~ Fatima’s Steambath ~ and it was a house filled with beautiful artisanal incense, ecclectic music, oil paintings, beaded curtains, hashish, avant garde films, found objects and antique curios, espresso coffee so strong it made you stand up straight, French perfume, Japanese food, fresh flowers from the markets, and love. I fell in love with my husband whilst living at Fatima’s, and we are still in love 30 years later. I wanted to capture some of the joys of that bohemian chapter in this fragrance. I thought about the swirling clouds of steam rising up from the fantasy world of a secret Turkish steambath.

It trails for ever after, with a glow of dark musk that envelops the wearer for many hours. Potent, but never “beast mode” Fatima’s Steambath is a long, slow seductive journey of intricate layers and textures, patterns, images and erotic sensations that both arouse, and bring deep comfort.

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