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Exquisite Summer Florals

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The roaring twenties of our lifetime, 2020, has thus far, proven to contain a highly volatile kick-start to the decade. All sorts of sudden changes have impacted most people in the world.  In contrast to so many challenging adaptations and restrictions, FloralAsia celebrates the free expression of new blossoms; in a cacophony of luminous, sun-drenched flowers, herbs, precious woods and hand-tinctured ribbons of fresh scents.

For TRNP, the restrictions have meant that our planned release schedule was effected by the sudden demand from so many businesses and individuals for ethanol (used as the main ingredient in hand sanitisers) which meant that I was only able to produce smaller batches than my usual 5 litres for each of my 15 new fragrances. Therefore, as well as my other new 2020 collections (Contes de Fees, the upcoming 4 colognes and a November/December duo release), these beautiful floral bouquets are only available in limited editions of 3 litres per fragrance.

D’Aguilar – green honeysuckle fougere featuring high altitude lavenders including French Mailette, Kashmir and Russian, with German chamomile, lemon verbena, juniper, oakmoss, tonka and vetiver.
Rainbird – rose de mai, violet leaf, white tea and Australian sandalwood.
Lemon Blossom – lemon, hand-tinctured murraya paniculata, yuzu, osmanthus & night-blooming jasmine
Mekong – neroli, green tea, rose otto, frangipani, white lotus, Sumatran patchouli & Mysore sandalwood
Blue Lotus – new formula of a bestseller; blue lotus, ylang ylang, Mysore sandalwood and my amber accord.

In line with the limited edition nature of this collection and our small-batch ethos, the FloralAsia collection is only available in 30ml spray atomisers and as a gift-boxed sampler set of five 3ml spray atomisers.