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Heka Incense

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Ritual Scent Traditions


$ 102.85

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HEKA is the Ancient Egyptian God of magic and medicine. Yet, the word Heka also relates, in a holistic sense, to a person’s true essence; their life force. We wanted to craft a range of purely natural, botanical incense to assist in reconciling the busy life person with the pure essence of self. We sourced the very finest ingredients for our incense, to inspire open space for deep contemplation, for meditation and impart an atmosphere of tranquility. These extraordinary materials were gathered from all over the world, and include:-

Aged, wild-crafted Agarwood (Vietnam), Cinnamon (Java), East Indian Sandalwood (India), Benzoin Superior (Thailand), Burgundy Pitch (France), Colophone (Portugal), Copal – Mayan (Central America), Patchouli Leaves (India), Mastic Gum (Greece), Onycha (Red Sea), Powdered Orange Peel, (Spain), Storax Bark (Turkey), Joss Powder (Indonesia), Calamus Root (Russia), Lemongrass (USA), Orris Root (France), Frankincense Royal Green Hojary (Oman), Pinon Pine (North America), Gold Standard Myrrh (Kenya), Myrrh (Socotra), Organic Ballina Honey (Australia), South African Golden Raisins, Tabu No Ki (Japan), Costus Root (India), Rose petals (Turkey), Vetiver (India), Cedarwood (Moroccan) and pure filtered water (Australia).

This Heka sampler pack contains 3 different incenses; a blend for welcoming the day (morning), a blend for ‘sweeping out the temple’; or cleansing the mind of the day’s clutter and debris (midday), and a blend for greeting the first light of the evening star. Each box contains 8 incense blocks and 3 large incense cones. No chemical additives or toxic combustible elements are ever used.

Heka incense blocks are large and may be crumbled, broken or sliced into smaller portions to burn on a lit charcoal or bamboo coal, or heated more gently in an electric incense brazier (truly the best way to use it).

Heka cones are self-combustible. When lit, they perform best when placed near a window so plenty of air can circulate and carry the smoke. The incense burns cleanly, is deeply calming and provides beautiful ambience for meditation and pure relaxation.

* Picture on box is a portion of a wall painting of the Goddess Isis from the Temple of Horemheb (KV57, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty ca 1319-1292, Valley of the Kings, West Thebes). The evening star incense in this pack of Heka was made as an offering to the great Goddess of Healing. We all need some healing right now.

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Heka Sampler (contains 3 styles)