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Honey Amber Incense

$ 19.12

Pure Natural Aromatherapy Incense


$ 19.12

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Honey Amber incense features:- Night-blooming Jasmine, Italian Neroli, Vanilla, Labdanum, Styrax absolute and Indian Sandalwood.

Our twice hand-dipped incense sticks exude beautiful natural fragrances comprised of 100% pure essential oils. The incense’s combustible element is pure Japanese tabu no ki (makko), there’s no saltpeter, DPG or chemical additives in our incense. The fragrances are natural, calming and suffuse the atmosphere with a tender ambience that soothes and harmonises. No pthalates, no artificial scent compounds, just exceptionally well-blended aromatherapies on a stick. 

Each bamboo tube includes 20 sticks and comes with a simple polished wooden block incense holder.

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Honey Amber pack of 20 sticks