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Featured NOTES include:- Bergamot, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Virginian Cedarwood, Orris root, Violet leaf, oakmoss, labdanum, patchouli and Mysore sandalwood.

A re-formulated/rerelease of a 2017 fragrance, this version is embellished to include Linden Blossoms, Hyacinth and additional Orris root. The effect of adding these cool florals is a much more satisfying balance of opposing elements:- the floralcy provides a harmonious counterpoint of soft powdery sweetness to the dense backdrop of its Virginian Cedarwood, Venezuelan Tonka beans, Amyris and Haitian Vetiver. In no way is this a fluffy, lightweight, pom-pom waving, rom-com heroine’s fragrance. Nuh-uh… this is a disgruntled 1950s Hollywood diva shouting into a bakelite telephone. Here lives scarlet claws and matte lipstick, face powder and a road trip inside Joan Crawford’s favourite handbag. Occasionally there’s a hint that this perfume was once atomised onto a precious stole that slipped off bare shoulders and fell to the floor. Left there in haste, it languished with pearls and a wantonly kicked off pair of 9inch heels.

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