Erotic Dangers



Featured NOTES include:- Hand-tinctured organic cacao, hand-tinctured vanilla planifolia, tobacco, orange blossom, orris root and Sumatran patchouli. * Mokaya 2019 featured a very intense batch of Arabian Jasmine Sambac, and the most recent 2020 batch has been conformed to be back in line with the original Mokaya from 2013.

The name Mokaya, meaning ‘corn-people’, was given to a pre-Olmec culture that existed around 1900 BC in the Soconusco region of Mexico as well as in several parts of Guatemala. Archeologists believe that the Mokaya were the first Mesoamerican people to cultivate cacao which was carried to Mexico from the Amazon (Wikipedia, 2016). Imagining the ancient world of the Mokaya, this natural gourmand fragrance is a study in dark, earthy scents that evoke the tropical richness of fertile soil, exotic flowers, fruit and wood-smoke. Mokaya’s main notes include: Jasmine Sambac, Cassie Absolute, Orange Blossom, Iris, hand-tinctured Vanilla and Cocoa beans, Patchouli and Tobacco. Mokaya is very much a unisex fragrance, retaining perfect balance between its sweetness and raw earthiness.

The drydown is like stepping back in time, to a world of exotic flavours and erotic dangers.

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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal


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