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Pure Oil Parfums

$ 90.00$ 150.00

Exotic Woods and Florals


$ 90.00$ 150.00

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Boxed 15ml attar

Our pure oil parfums contain 35% essential oils and absolutes blended in fractionated coconut oil. This medium is ideal for natural perfume as it is completely odourless, totally stable (won’t oxidise) and is gorgeous on application – it glides on and moisturises the skin. No pthalates, parabens, boosters, plasticisers. Just 15ml of emollient bliss.

ZEEBA – Vietnamese oud, Taif Rose absolute, Mysore sandalwood

PAGAN OUDH – Hindi Oud, Vietnamese Oud blended with Narcissus, Cypriol, Ambrette Seed, Orange Blossom, Mysore Sandalwood and Birch

TAIF ROSE – Taif Rose absolute, styrax absolute, Portuguese labdanum and Mysore sandalwood



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Pagan Oudh, Taif Rose, Zeeba