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Oudh Batavia

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Spicy Amber Mukhallat

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Oudh Batavia is a reformulated new release shaped by an early TRNP bestseller from 2012 – Batavia.

This newly blended version of Batavia is my scented ode to Indonesia’s native fragrant wonders :- notes include cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, lemongrass, patchouli, benzoin, vetiver, ylang ylang, coffee, vanilla beans, sandalwood and 2 varieties of oudh.

I included a very large quantity of Hindi and Vietnamese agarwoods here, to shine light on the dark, wood dialects of so many carved and elaborate artefacts found throughout Indonesian culture; particularly in its architecture, interior designs and decoration.

The musty pungency of oudh also speaks to the beauty of traditional Javanese hand-printed and handwoven cloth batik, it stands in for the smoke-drift of morning fires, as well as the sharp tang and fragrant weight of so much damp jungle soil and volcanic ash.

Oudh Batavia is an intensely spiced, unisex amber mukhalkat.



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10ml Scent Pencil, 30ml spray atomiser, The Four Winds Collection in 10ml Scent Pencils