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Leather Chypre par excellence


$ 175.00$ 275.00

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Feature NOTES include:- Pagan (2019 formula) is a 1960s-style, lush, floral chypre that opens as a citrus aperitif chased down with a growly oakmoss, basil and patchouli chypre. The floral heart of narcissus and jasmine grandiflorum drifts in and out on a ‘mise en scene’ of dramatic elements.

New Pagan eau de parfum revives an aromatic mood from an era of provocative social exploration. 1960s. The times they were-a-changing, and an intense love affair sprang up in the West for icons of the East, in an endless obsession with exotica that influenced our spirituality, fashion, culture and sexual liberation. Pagan eau de parfum taps straight into the vein of perceived mystique and the allure of all that. When applied, a series of irregularly shaped, moss-covered stepping stones appear out of nowhere and you find yourself gazing across a Koi-filled pond in the centre of a garden courtyard. The grounds are overflowing with irises, camellias, azaleas, flowering osmanthus and an astonishing collection of venerable junipers in tiny clay pots. Incense floats on the air and time stands still.

In contrast with the utter ‘carnality’ of Pagan oil parfum, the ambient temperature of new Pagan eau de parfum only ever approaches the metallic silvery light of a Winter sun, she is warm only in contrast to the bleak and chilly winds that whip your coat tails around.


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30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal