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Pure Oil Parfums

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Luscious Attars & Mukhallats

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Our beautiful oil fragrances – typically called attars and/or oud mukhallats are made with totally pure and natural ingredients. TRNP mukhallats include generous quantities of Vietnamese and Hindi oud, as well as premium Mysore sandalwood. We use fractionated coconut oil as our carrier of choice; its odourless, incredibly stable, emollient, non-allergenic, perfect for suspending our gorgeous natural fragrances in. We blend our attars at a very high ratio of 30% natural fragrance formula; equal to extrait or pure parfum concentration. Our pure attars are presented in 12ml glass attar bottles with stainless steel rollers. They are beautiful, long-lasting, traditional and sensuous ways to apply fragrance.

Our limited edition attar collection boxes come in 2 sizes:- a box of 6 x 12ml oil parfums and the other contains 8 x 12ml attars. You may choose attars to fill the boxes as you like. Please note that these collector’s boxed are one-off, hand-painted artisan treasures and in very limited numbers. Currently there are five 6-attar boxes and five 8-attar boxes remaining. From previous experiences, they sell out quickly. Please list your selection in the NOTES section at checkout.

  1. Autumn Shadows – Spicy Golden Amber Oriental featuring Cloves, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamon, Vanilla, Labdanum and Benzoin.
  2. Black Spruce – Balsamic woody amber featuring Fir Needle, Black Spruce, Patchouli, Cypress, Oakmoss, Tobacco, Sandalwood and Rose absolute.
  3. Byzantium – Golden citrus floriental amber with Rose de Mai, Night-blooming jasmine, Bulgarian lavender, myrrh, frankincense, labdanum and benzoin.
  4. Garden of Pleasures – floriental amber mukhallat featuring a solid ground of Hindi and Vietnamese oud over which blooms a floating garden of highly fragrant flowers including champaca, white lotus, frangipani, all of which are framed by the wonder of Mysore sandalwood.
  5. Mahila – earthy patchouli floriental with rose otto, jasmine grandiflorum and Mysore sandalwood.
  6. Mokaya – Hand-tinctured organic cacao, hand-tinctured vanilla planifolia, tobacco, orange blossom, orris root and Sumatran patchouli.
  7. Nefertum – Sweet resins and spices blended with Blue Lotus absolute and Mysore sandalwood.
  8. Pagan Oud – Leather chypre featuring bitter orange, narcissus, cypriol, Hindi Oud and Mysore sandalwood.
  9. Tantra – Luscious rose amber featuring Taif Rose, Ambrette seed, Sumatran patchouli and Mysore sandalwood
  10. Winter Light – Gorgeously tart green incense fragrance with frankincense, cypress and sage.
  11. Zeeba – Stunning mukhallat featuring Taif rose, Saffron, Vietnamese oud and Mysore sandalwood.


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Autumn Shadows, Black Spruce, Byzantium, Garden of Pleasures, Mahila, Mokaya, Nefertum, Pagan Oud, Tantra, Winter Light, Zeeba, Collection of 6 x 12ml attars in hand-painted wooden case, Collection of 8 x 12ml attars in hand-painted wooden case