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Rose Violet Memoir


$ 95.23

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Featured NOTES include:- Violet Leaf absolutes, Rose de Mai, Green Tea absolute, Mysore Sandalwood, Amber accord. *Please note, there are 2 stocks of Violet Leaf blended in Rainbird, each sourced from 2 suppliers. One is so violet-floral that I am unable to guarantee that it’s 100% natural, as it varies from the usual leafy/vegetal scent, typical of violet leaf absolute. Nonetheless, the fragrance delivers a gorgeous rose violet result.

Rainbird is a muted palette of almondine florals and damp soil after a rain shower that hasn’t quite yet moved on. It conveys s a sweet earth smell; a melancholy landscape painting of Summer’s demise at dusk. Skies are grey and heavy and night falls faster and faster each day. A Midsummer festival at the packing up and departure phase.

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30ml spray atomiser