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Elixir of Liberation

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She was indeed a great beauty.

And in the mirror pool where she swam by starlight, she captured the attention of a handsome prince, who wooed her with such gentle kindness and sweet words. He won her heart in turn and carried her away, his bride, to a distant land far from her family, and far from her home.

In time, and as the seasons passed from Summer into Winter, Raven delivered a son. She had discovered, too, upon that seasonal wheel, that her handsome, loving prince was, in truth, a changeling; a cruel and wickedly tempered, jealous beast. She was bound to a terrifying monster, watching her every move.

In grievous fear for their lives, Raven escaped, and ran to hide in the lightless caverns beneath the sky-clad world, where, tenderly she nourished their child, with drops of blood from her own hand, fed tenderly at the ice cold fireside, unlit for fear of being hunted and found by smoke.

Sweetly she fed it, from her shrinking, fading life, until one day, the tiny Raven saw that the beast’s own claws and fangs had appeared on the child. She saw the beast’s silver eyes looking up and watching her with the familiar, glittering knives of jealousy and rage, with the same cruel expression she’d endured for so long. She saw, at last that it was the face of the beast peering up at her. .

Forsaking all tenderness, she unwrapped the child from its furs and carried it back into the world of light and the living.

In the tumbling path of four August winds, Raven chanted.

Naked, you must freely run, long within the mist of Spring’s drenching rains, where at last you shall bleed my lost and stammered pain back upon and into this earth, clad only in the breath of death’s oldest prayer, and there do I banish thee at last, discarding the strangling cords of all foul predation, to get away of me now, and forever! . . .

West wind winds you, sunlight blinds you, fortune finds you at your own creation. Forest falls away, green paths fade to grey, long roads growing longer, ways mist, and shadows stronger, safer in cities, glittering in pretties, dreaming circles smaller, numbers lost to caller, distant doors into foreign shores beckon and command thee ‘Attend’ . …and I sever you from me.

Now ‘tis done. And tiny Raven went free.


Raven is a blood red rose chypre featuring rose Damascena, rose de mai, osmanthus, ylang ylang, cypriol, oakmoss, labdanum and patchouli.

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10ml Scent Pencil, 30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal, 100ml vintage French crystal