TEA ROSE MIMOSA Limited Edition

Forgotten scarves and bell sounds from a festival, long ago



TEA ROSE MIMOSA featured notes: – Yuzu, Kashmir Lavender, Bulgarian Chamomile, Tea Rose absolute, Mimosa absolute, Linden blossom absolute, Hyacinth absolute, Australian sandalwood, hand-tinctured Ambergris, Orris and Amyris

This perfume is an imagined journey back in time to the Baltic sea…

My husband’s family are Estonian. His great grandfather was the sole survivor of a ferry that sank between Finland and Estonia. He was still just a toddler, found floating on a life vest, and he spoke a smattering of words in several languages but nobody knew whence he’d come. He was raised in Estonia and grew up to become the Harbour master of Tallinn harbour.

This Reinthal family fairy-tale inspired the perfume, its scent is the scene of an ocean frozen in Winter, with ice skaters playfully zooming across the sea dressed in warm coats, knitted hats, mittens and brightly coloured scarves flying in the breeze.

The children skaters were warned to be home before dark… lest wolves find them on the way.

Mysticism and Survival bottled.

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100ml vintage French crystal, 100ml wood-crated spray atomiser, 30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal


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