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Wild Passion & Pure Magnificence


$ 74.16$ 370.79

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FRAGRANCE NOTES include: Somali Frankincense, Omani Myrrh, Sumatran Patchouli, Indian Pink Lotus, Vietnamese Oud and Haitian Vetiver

SCENE 1 – Deep Night in the Forest of Dreams and Whispers…

AHNYX speaks –  “Sisters, place the blades away, here in the shelter of the cavernous mound, full of shadowed truths, in shallow pools. We’ll watch the predators, shuddering in mimicry as we bubble from the stream.

VADA speaks – “Sweep in the force of the keening sprites, enlivening fate for emptiness minds. We shine, in majestic permission, proud sisters, let us slice the fold that catches on our pact. We drive the separation into the wailing realm. Begone to it!”

INANTA speaks “Watch the steps from perches now, through glass eyes and symbols, we’ll see the fall and the rise of all who seemed returning to the fold, as we bid our minds, drink deeply from the cup of making, we quench the thirst of our holy flames”.

SIOBHE speaks “We may be, as rainbirds, and to choice we survive. We’ll touch the hem of Lightness here, from which we emerge, in time, and cacophony of song and siren. We’ll seek the wild in every dying, in the birth of all that never dies”.

(extracted from Rainbirds, a play written and directed by Teone Reinthal, 2001)


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10ml Scent Pencil, 30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal