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Traditional Solid Perfumes


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Unguents (solid perfumes) were adored by the Ancient Egyptians, they played an important part in the beautification rituals of those who could afford the luxury. Typically kept in hand-carved alabaster pots, the unguents contained rare and precious aromatics sourced from North Africa, the Mediterranean and as far as spice traders could venture. The aromatic ingredients were pulverised, macerated and blended with goose-fat which acted as the preserving medium. Renowned master perfumers of Egyptian antiquity produced legendary perfume formulas that were recorded and are still highly regarded to this day.

Our Unguents (solid perfumes) are, purely unto themselves, beautiful, long-lasting and convenient. We replaced goose-fat with organic beeswax, which also adds a spectacular note of honeyed sweetness to the fragrances. Unguents are especially wonderful to use during very cold and skin-drying conditions, providing luscious moisturising goodness for the skin. They also function superbly as foundations for layering, increasing the longevity of eau de parfums by establishing a base of ambery emollient richness.

Each pot of unguent contains 35gms of richly fragrant, golden fragrance, including organic beeswax, fractionated coconut oil and pure essential oils, resins, tinctures and floral absolutes.

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30gm Solid Perfume