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The Inner Place

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As connoisseurs of fine fragrance, we have been on such a long, mesmerising journey of wonder through the opulence of aromatic chemicals (both natural and created). We have feasted ourselves into delirium, adrift upon a tsunami of scent. Each day, a new scent, each night, another.

We have immersed ourselves in endless reveries on the ancient past, our scent-identities have ventured into innumerable cultures, we have imagined ourselves as warriors, emperors, angels and serpents, we have caressed the essence of desire itself; all through the wonder of scent.

Winter Light is a meditation on truth…a fragrance whose beauty rests in the nature of trees and herbs; it cleanses the mind by relieving the burdens of ‘too much’. Winter Light allows us to focus, to turn within, and …to exude a pure state of harmony… with self and with nature.

WINTER LIGHT eau de parfum features Juniper, Fir needle, Elemi, Sage, Bergamot, Cypress, Frankincense, Patchouli and Quiet Stillness

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30ml spray atomiser, 100ml collector's edition vintage French crystal dab-on