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Stained Glass Window to Love

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Long before I was ever born, aeons before, I floated in a silent place of heavenly peace. It was warm and red and infinite.

Trillions of golden orbs, my beloved brothers and sisters, flowed along with me in that wondrous place; our home world. Together we orbited around a great central light; tiny sparks in a spectacular dance of radiant consciousness, clustered around our benevolent source. A vast glow of loving compassion and joy emanated from our combined incandescence and all was perfectly silent.

Peace reigned in our home world, there was no purpose, no story, no change. We shared a blissful existence and we simply drifted around together, silently beaming. At random moments, we naturally and effortlessly glided closer to the great central orb, purely for the sustaining nourishment that such close proximity provided. After recharging, we drifted back out to the darkest edges of our world, bearing our golden light.

Inexplicably, and at such a random node of unfamiliar motion that it occurred outside and beyond any concept of time, one single orb drew much closer to the great central light than any single spark had ever previously ventured. At least, it appeared so. Our collective consciousness and our orbital motion slowed to enable us to cluster and observe the phenomena. Had such a change ever happened before?

Many of the younger sparks were absolutely certain that no past or future existed. They projected their momentary belief into the shared sphere of our consciousness, insisting that all knowledge and all existence was contained within a continuum of experiential rapture that eternally looped back upon itself. Other, older sparks remained completely still within their ancient musings.

As we observed the play unfold, an unfamiliar sensation pervaded our warm evanescence. We discovered that an entirely new and different thought form had coalesced within one emboldened beacon of light. One single spark had communicated a new idea:

Desire. In fact, there were 2 new ideas.

I desire. Separation and yearning.

Collective consciousness stopped in its track; stunned by such a revolutionary change. The great central light twinkled and another tiny orb timidly drew closer, and then more followed. This luminous group of tiny lights drew closer to each other, and together, they ventured even closer to the great central light until the full radiance of their union, in proximity with the source of all light, suddenly flared and all of the adventuring beacons completely disappeared.

Vast, turbulent ripples of energy and inexplicably strange sensations cascaded throughout the endless ocean of our home world. A small, emboldened tribe of tiny lights, our beloved brothers and sisters, had been totally and utterly extinguished. Where did they go?

The great central light began to radiate a frequency of love and light that the community of orbs had never previously encountered. Consciousness changed, and new understanding dawned.

We began to move once more, and we flowed with a dynamic state of awareness that was entirely unexplored. We found a dramatic shift in our pace and our motion, we sensed new frontiers and undiscovered dimensions in our orbital paths and we knew a pulsing sense of urgency.

Our source, the beloved seed of our being, explained to us that our brothers and sisters had relocated to a different place, in a state of materiality to a world of form and density, a physical plane of existence.

The great game of life had begun.

TR ©2017

Zeeba features Vietnamese oud, Taif Rose absolute and Mysore sandalwood.

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10ml Scent Pencil spray atomiser, 30ml spray atomiser, 50ml vintage French crystal dab-on