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We believe in sustainable business, it rings true with our picture of a viable global future facing rapid environmental changes. Working with such rare and precious natural ingredients has instilled in us, and in our customers, the connoisseurs’ true appreciation for the incredible raw materials contained in our perfumes. As an artisan perfumery, we believe that offering 2ml samples is counter-intuitive to our vision of running a sustainable business, as well as being unethical for the planet. Unsustainable? Unethical? How?

Let’s follow the path of a single 2ml sample…

Each 2ml sample contains very little product, and yet requires environmentally costly casing components which are mostly manufactured in China and first involve shipping to Australia. Each 2ml vial’s component and assembly parts include:- pipette/s, 2ml of perfume, glass vial, a metal and plastic atomiser, plastic cap, 2 labels (one for the vial and one for the outer packaging). Next, our sample requires ‘gift’ packaging, after which it also requires protective padding (bubble wrap/tissue paper), all of which goes into an outer mailing box or padded bag. Then comes the transportation stage which commences with a drive to the post office, further admin/paper processing, (for international customers) filling in 5 sheets of paper on adhesive-backed customs forms, courier service staff handling and processing, another drive to the airport, customs processing, a flight (or more) to the country of destination, more customs processing, another drive and then final integration into the local postal service. At last, a van ride, a motorbike trip and a walk to the final destination – the letterbox.

As well, depending on the vial’s seal, cabin pressure and variations of luck, our intrepid 2ml sample may evaporate or leak, and its tiny label falls off, leaving another half-empty vial of unknown juice rattling around in a sock drawer with so many other lost and forgotten 2ml samples. We deeply considered the implications of participating in this endless parade of disposable culture, and we decided not to add any more weight to the environmental footprint of the 2ml.

Each TRNP fragrance is composed and hand-packaged in our studio, with total appreciation for the myriad plants and their essences, for the growers, the distillers, the suppliers and our couriers. Out of respect for that global community of radiant beings, we encourage high quality consumer discernment to prevent waste. We are truly happy to consult with customers on any aspect of our fragrances. This supports our patrons’ shopping experiences by encouraging well-informed product selection, giving rise to fragrance choices that have far greater meaning for our patrons, and for us. As artisan purveyors, we deem TRNP fragrances as comparable to haute cuisine, not fast food, they are fine wines, not beer, they are some of life’s small luxuries, to be savoured, cherished and worn to the very last drop. We aspire to reach customers that resonate with the values of our brand, the quality of our fragrances, and our commitment to be different and to make a difference. Take a leap of faith… try a Scent Pencil.